Sound Healing -Alex Dolbenskiy

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Sound Healing -Alex Dolbenskiy

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Didgeridoo Sound Healing

(Didgeridoo Parantava Äänikylpy)

The activity of the mind, as a consequence, slows down, or completely stops, which makes it comfortable to be in a deep meditative state. The relevant rhythms and motives, performed on the instrument, open the access to the subconscious.

Traditionally didgeridoo was used by Australian aborigines in many rituals, including healing ones.

In addition to the meditation component, an important aspect of sessions is the therapeutic effect of sound and vibration.

Benefits and effects:

  •  high-quality deep relaxation
  •  elimination of muscle spasms and clamps
  •  anesthetic effects (especially refers to bones, muscles and joints)
  •  reduction of fatigue
  •  the influx of energy , physical strength and activity
  •  elimination of problems with sleep
  •  relief stress and anxiety
  •  harmonization and equalization of the emotional background
  •  cleaning of energy channels
  •  increase of imagination and intuition

Alex Dolbenskiy

High energy sound healer and multi instrumentalist, mastered the ancient instrument of the aborigines of Australia, the didgeridoo. Having realized the healing properties of sound and vibration, it came out in its application far beyond the limits of music, in its generally accepted understanding.

Alex is engaged in his own research of sound resonance and vibroacoustic influence of music and sound waves on people.

He conducts didgeridoo sound healing sessions with the purpose to help in the recovery and strengthening of all systems of the human body, as well as to provide an opportunity to work with the subconscious area of the psyche.

The founder of the first didgeridoo school in Saint Petersburg, the organizer of healing areas on several psy trance festivals in Russia, the leader of the worldwide didgeridoo meditations in SPb.


  • Didgeridoo Sound Healing
  • Didgeridoo Teacher and founder of didgeridoo school
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Kundalini Reiki master
  • Meditation, relaxation and yoga practitioner
  • Open minded
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Traveler


  • Music from 200 1
  • Didgeridoo from 2012
  • Teaching from 2014
  • Yoga and meditation from 2014
  • Sound healing from 2015
  • Kundalini Reiki from 2017


kesäkuu 06 2018


Päivä: 6.6.2018
Aika: 18:00 - 20:00
Hinta: €25
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Alex Dolbenskiy is a musician, sound healer and didgeridoo teacher. He is the founder of the first didgeridoo school in Saint Petersburg, opened in 2014.
His own practice of yoga and meditation started in 2014 and it’s widened his perception of reality and music, in particular. The same year, after a 13-years-experience in music and 3 years in didgeridoo, Alex has discovered for himself the healing effect of sound and vibrations.

And so began Didgeridoo Sound Healing sessions, aimed at the recovery of all systems of the human body and harmonization of the soul.

He discovered a devotion to music in 2001. For the first several years it was the guitar. After came ethnic percussion from all over the world. Didgeridoo appeared in 2012 and it was the most similar instrument to the sound of his soul .
Alex is deeply in love with psy music, healing and yoga practices. He has visited the main psy trance and yoga festivals in Russia during the last 7 years.

In 2015 he started sound therapy sessions in healing areas of festivals, such as ChillOut Planet, Trimurti, Solar Systo, Abstraction, Inaya, YogaArt, Niyama. Also Alex acted as the organiser of healing areas on several psy trance festivals in Russia. For the better understanding of himself and other people Alex started studying astrology in 2014. Another interesting activity is Alex's concerts of meditation music and worldwide didgeridoo
meditations, that happen at solstice and equinox across the planet. Alex supports this initiative in Saint Petersburg.
Now his work is focused on researching and combining sound healing with meditation, trance and hypnosis techniques.


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